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Have you wondered about surprising your family this year with a fabulous holiday experience?

Vietnam Guru brings you the opportunity to be thrilled with exquisite and sublime beauty, the authentic Vietnam experience that would leave the travellers and fantasizing about their next trip for sure. From a surreal seascape, escaping into a traditional landscape of unending beauty, the Vietnam travel guide will reveal the most extraordinary places. From the combination of French heritage retreats that rejuvenate the soul, to the famous cuisine, wondrous and appetizing.Vietnam Guru can help you to make your holiday in Vietnam a memorable one.

Full of joie de vivre, the Vietnamese are more than welcoming to tourists and help them experience all the delights this wonderful country has to offer. With the Vietnam guru, your luxury holidays in Vietnam can be a cherished memory for life. Astonished with the bills that need to be paid? Had Vietnam Guru been by your side, the difference in the costs would have been tantalizing and alluring.

Whoa! The toil for vacations destinations and experiences is over. Make Vietnam your next holiday destination with the our help. Vietnam Guru’s journey planners can be there at the click of a button. We are there to help you as much as you need. Whether it be a simple meet and greet to a full itinerary Vietnam Guru can help you plan your adventure. So Contact Vietnam Guru today to help you achieve most memorable holiday experiences right away!

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Pre Trip Consultations


Planning your itinerary is probably the most important part of your holiday. The last thing you want is to spend more time traveling than actually enjoying your destination.

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Hotel Review


When booking a hotel for your holiday in a new destination there are a few factors that can “make or break” your experience, such as:

– Is it really in a good area?

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Personal Airport Meet


Arriving in a foreign country first time can be a bewildering experience. Having someone to meet you and take care of you after a long flight can be an affordable luxury.

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Beauty of Vietnam



Dining Experiences

Vietnam Guru can arrange a number of dining experiences for your pleasure. Not just the paces you find on trip advisor but the real authentic places that locals and expats go to. You will be escorted and guided though the experience with a bi lingual host for as long as necessary.

  • We offer city venues for lunch or dinner experiences of half day excursions to locations in the countryside close to the city.
  • Local street food tours a guided experience for small groups.
  • Suggested itineraries for roof top bars and night spots
  • For the more adventurous some of the local “delicacies”.

Dental and Medical

Vietnam has some of the most affordable medical and dental professionals in Asia, many of whom have studied abroad. Vietnam Guru can assist you in finding.

  • Affordable qualified English speaking dentists and medical professionals.
  • Arrange for initial consultations.
  • Advise on suitable locations for post procedure accommodation.
  • Arrange for assistance in recovery and transport.

The choice of professional is of course entirely yours. Contact us for a quotation today.



Vietnam is full of shops and markets. Vietnam Guru can arrange for you to visit some of the more “local” markets frequented by the local people We can also arrange for you to visit some of the local tailors to have that favorite dress or shirt copied or altered. Tailoring in Vietnam is very good quality and if you visit the right place also very affordable.